Here is my first Blog in ages ! Its a new web site ! and a new way of creating blogs , finding it a little more complicated than my last blog. so wish me luck !  The picture above  is dear friends Lisa Lee Reece Campbell and myself on the last night of the the Royal Horse Show Pageant at Windsor with a performance in front of Her Majesty the Queen. Dougie and I have been working on this for the past few months  working with Simon Brooks-ward and the HPower group and it is quite an achievement  that we produced through Check Events , From creation, booking artists, rehearsals and creating over 4oo costumes  and also creating entertainment at the south lawn Band Stand  with some fab Acts ! We had a fab bunch of dancers who worked there socks off and great to work with the talented Josh Baker and Bradley Salter again,  The show was a success and I applaud Dougie  for watching him  as I have said before is a masterclass on ‘Thats how you do it ‘ I would like to thank our small team of such talented people  who it would not be possible to have produced with out them.. and there friendship and help goes beyond the call of duty Lisa and Reece , even if Reece did feel he became OBER REECE ! the buggy was a god send on such a event ..  but from the production management by Reece at Check Events, all the contracts, booking artists etc   and Lisa assisting my self and Dougie, Costumes made by Pat Farmer and the Check Events AJ COSTUME STUDIO COSTUME HIRE side we got there !!! So huge thanks to all   the Dancers , also The generation dancers  4 of the guys  should I say oldies !! Mickey Driver,Ben Langley, The Acro chaps the violinists  from Adam at Sternberg Clarke, Robert Meadmore, The Shetland pony team The Pony Club the Quadrille team  the House Hold  Calvary and Simon Callow. and all at H POWER !.

Last year finished off on a high at the Olympia Horse show,  We had a great team of performers for the annual Christmas Finale  a lovely bunch of dancers from BIRDS PERFORMING ARTS COLLEGE and was a thrill to work with Valerie Murzak with mirror Ball Ballet,  have  known Valerie since the ECLIPSE days  in  Blackpool when she was 9 years old, and to see her now as one of the top international artists is a thrill and very proud of her 

The past few months have been busy ones !   I have worked on creating costumes and producing them for Steve Bor of Bor Productions  for the MSC CRUISE Lines over 6 production shows and 4 smaller shows  with a cast of over 20 ! a lot of travelling up and down the country   and  a lot of organising and hard work but got there in the End ! Every success to the Bor Team ! Thanks to all that helped me get there !!!

The Generation classes have be fun  every Month   always great to see  them,  its amazing  how seeing them gives me such joy … 

Worked on some nice corporate’S for Adam at STERNBERG CLARKE ENTERTAINMENT  at the Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly 

Also working with the fab David and Tony of IMPACT  ARTISTS  for the Gala performance for the Crest ball at Western  Super -Mare 

Master classes at Phil Winston’s Theatreworks  with all young students from the lake district !

So its been busy with little time to relax .. But have managed to have some lovely friends time, some lovely food … the diet still not going well  and  work in the garden when I get a chance !

Dougie is incredible as ever  goes from strength to strength  although him and computers and emails  could drive a person crazy … bless him….. indeed !

but thanks to my family who have been always been there, we have been having a trying time with one thing and another  bless them all. and hope we hear good news …. .

all my second family the Campbells  in the north  who do so much for me  and give so much support,

they are very kind to me …. 

and my friends … who’s love and support get me through … love you dearly….

On top of this have had a spell in hospital, Just when you dont need it just before the Horse show ..

and somehow how I have go through the past weeks … and will continue to do so.. 

it just changes how you feel …. so that is the quick catch up so far I am sure I have left things out… something will trigger it back in the memory bank !

Take Care  All Love ANTX 

PS WONT LEAVE IT SO LONG TILL THE NEXT BLOG ! if I can work how to publish this lol!x

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