Award from Generation family

After the class a surprise party was thrown for me, and a special award from the Generation family was given to me .
A huge heart felt Thank You!
What a lovely surprise..!!!!
to be honoured by you by my peers , means so much to me……
a special Award which I will always treasure … 
When I received the Carl Alan Award I dedicated it to all the Generations of Dancers that I have been fortunate to dance and choreograph with, The Generation family …
its very special… for we all have that bond of passion for Dance ….and friendships we made along the way !
the class unites us all together with at least 5 generations 
of dancers, how incredible is that…. 
All thanks to the main man Dougie …. 

Huge Thanks to Rosemarie Ford for her very kind words… 
The one and only Lisa Mulidore 
Mark short and Ashley Hargreaves-smith, for organising 
the secret event, and bringing my closet friends along ! thank also for the Gene Kelly inspired jacket, Lorne Brown and fab catering Lesley Mayhew 
with Love Antxx

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